Nedo Fatai Colorised Milan 1936

Once upon a time

Un Amore Italiano

Way back in 1936 Milan, a hard working young man named Nedo Fatai had a passion and a vision to make cosmetics for the stylish population of a booming post-war Italy.

When he retired, he entrusted the successful company he created to the hands of his son Dario who continued to build it from strength to strength. Today the third generation of the Fatai family produce cosmetics with the same equipment, the same love, and to the same secret formulas that started life almost 100 years ago with a uniquely Italian passion and flair.

1936 Original reflects the story and values of the Fatai family who continue work their magic at their home in Milan, with the same love and passion, from their family to yours.

The Third Generation

Our Management Today

The Fatai Family still live in their home above the factory led today by Nedo's son Dario.

Continuing this legacy, the next generation of Fatais is already at university and learning the secrets of our manufacturing and product creation, ready to ensure that Fatai-NYL continues to grow in safe hands in the future and to take the next step in our history.

Big Business, Big Love.

One Big Family

Fatai-NYL today is a €14 million company that employs more than 40 people. It is a unique mix that still maintains it's original capability to create and manufacture exciting, unique and exclusive products.

Many of the processes still use the same equipment and techniques pioneered by Nedo almost 100 years ago. Made by hand, with Italian passion and love, just for you.